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Important Information About Fright Club

Firstly I am deeply sorry for the huge delay in these boxes and also for the lack of updates from my side.

I am going to be completely open and honest here and I am in no means looking for sympathy on this matter.
Covid hit Creepies hard in 2020 with the influx in orders from people online shopping, to having to buy clay in bulk for these boxes and other orders became impossible. Then I have been struggling through personal problems with my mental health, due to the break up of my marriage for the past year pushing me further behind, due to having to move and life being up in the air in general.

All the money made from these boxes was put into my ex husband's account which I don't have access to and I am now having to pay for all the postage and materials out of my own pocket when any order comes in. Putting Creepies back into a start up process that I am desperately trying to stabelise for mine and mini Creepy's future.

I currently have three and a half boxes left to complete and post. Now the Christmas rush is over I can put all my energy back into these and make the most amazing fright clubs for you all. I am adding freebies and gift vouchers in with all these delayed boxes as a way of apologising to all of you that I feel I have let down. As at this time I cannot afford to give out refunds for these.  If you have changed address in this time (Which is more than expected in this time frame) Please do get in contact with me and I will change this for you on any outstanding boxes. 

I am doing my hardest to do better at responding to emails on my road to healing and bettering Creepies and myself
I hope you can all see the effort I am putting back into Creepies to make it better than it has ever been.

I am truly so sorry for any inconvenience caused because of this.

Stay Creepy,
Lolly xo

Payment & Arrival

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Dispatch & Arrival

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