Due to the pandemic and the demand for our subscription box
Fright Club will temporarily be postponed while we catch up
and will be back later in the year
All orders will be continued to bemade and dispatched.
We are greatly appreciative for your patience at this time

Payment & Arrival

Payment Made

  • Sep - Oct (2019)

  • Nov - Dec (2019)

  • Jan - Feb (2020)

  • Mar - Apr (2020)

  • May - Jun (2020)

  • Jul - Aug (2020)

  • Sep - Oct (2020)

  • Nov - Dec (2020)

  • Jan - Feb (2021)

  • Mar - Apr (2021)

Dispatch & Arrival

  • December (2019) DISPATCHED

  • February (2020)  DISPATCHED

  • April (2020) DISPATCHED

  • June (2020) DISPATCHED

  • August (2020) DISPATCHED

  • October (2020) NOW DISPATCHING

  • December (2020) (Dispatching DELAYED)

  • February (2021) (Dispatching DELAYED)

  • April (2020) (Dispatching DELAYED)

  • June (2020) (Dispatching DELAYED)

- The first payment will come off instantly through PayPal and you will receive your first subscription within 4 months. Payments will then be taken once every two months on the same date you originally paid. (Eg. Subscribed on the 13th of January your next payment will be taken on the 13th of March)

- If you would like to cancel your subscription please email orders_creepies@outlook.com with your full name and address and PayPal email paid under.

- When unsubscribing you will receive the last subscription you paid for and no further payments will be taken. If you cancel your subscription after a payment has been made, but before receiving your subscription we cannot give you a refund and you will receive your subscription as planned.

- Dispatch dates are listed above, but manufacturing delays out of our control sometimes arise. Please be assured you will receive all subscriptions that you have paid for.