Are you sick of real potatoes always dying on you? MY PET AUBERGINE!

Can’t eat a potato because it’s just too darn cute! MY PET AUBERGINE!

Always wanted a pet and your parents said no? MY PET AUBERGINE!

Got a friend and don’t know what to get them as a gift? MY PET AUBERGINE!

Your rented house doesnt allow pets! MY PET AUBERGINE!

Don’t want to walk a real pet? MY PET AUBERGINE!

Don’t want to clean up poop? MY PET AUBERGINE!

Can’t be bothe....MY PET AUBERGINE!



MY PET AUBERGINE can solve all of lifes problems baby*

MY PET AUBERGINE!! is the perfect pet and companion, he will never wake you up in the middle of the night, need feeding or poop on the rug.

MY PET AUBERGINE!! comes with a blank birth certificate so you can name your own MY PET AUBERGINE!!

When you buy MY PET AUBERGINE!! you will recieve:

1 x MY PET AUBERGINE!! (Random design unless requested)

1 x Blank Birth Certificate (Feel free to use pun related name)

1 x Awesome self acomplishment that you’ve bought the best gift ever. (Even if it is to yourself!)

*Does not actually solve all of lifes problems...

The pictured style is just for example, colours and features will vary but sticking to the chosen theme. Want certain colours? Just pop a message at the checkout to let us know at no extra cost.

Measures approximately 1.5 inch - 2 inches

My Pet Aubergine