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Mr & Mrs. Creepy

They met December 2006 on Mr. Creepy's 19th birthday and have been married since 2010 Mr & Mrs. Creepy have always been inseparable. They both share a love for each others creativity, nerdiness, Halloween and all things creepy.

Mrs. Creepy had an obssession with play doh and plasticine throughout her childhood so early 2013 Mrs. Creepy bought her first bars of Polymer clay and they began a new hobby creating Halloween inspired characters


Mrs. Creepy sculpted them and  Mr. Creepy named them and would write bios for each character. Now Mr. Creepy is also writing Creepies comic books and Mrs. Creepy is in the works of illustrating them for publishing.


Where it all began...

This lump of horridness, and this doodle is where our story began. Mrs. Creepy made them early 2013! This little devil is the first creepy ever made (He took 3+ hours to make, making Mrs. Creepy think her hands would never stop being red after squishing him about for so long) Not only was he the first Creepy made but also the first thing Mrs. Creepy had ever sculpted from Polymer clay!


He sits on Mrs. Creepy's shelf above where she sculpts as a reminder of where Creepies started and how far they have come. Also scaring her a little...

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